Digital Marketing

You need to put yourself out there!

Faben takes the best advantage of the advertising opportunities on the internet. We implement the right advertising strategies that enable you to outperform your competitors, improve your brand’s online reputation and convert traffic into quality leads and sales.

We have expert understanding of the search engines, their tools and utilities, and internet marketing and advertising. We guarantee best results by enabling you to rank well organically and through paid for advertising.

Google Partners

The Google Partner certification shows that the people at Faben have passed Google AdWords, Google Analytics and other Google marketing and advertising products certification exams and are up to date with the latest product knowledge.

Google Partner

Search Engine & Social Media Advertising

How you benefit from Internet marketing.
  • Internet advertising is scalable, flexible and measurable.
  • Internet advertising guarantees return on ad spend.
  • Internet advertising is taking over the search engine results pages, especially on searches on mobile devices.
  • Quicker and easier than SEO.
  • Formats are more engaging than organic results.
  • Your competitors are using internet advertising.

Our Focus Is Conversion

Our expertise and experience in conversion and conversion tracking ensures the lowest cost per click and the best return on ad spend.

Digital Marketing

Conversion occurs when your potential client decides, based on the digital information you have given them, to take action and make contact or transact with your business. Conversion is the most important attribute of online marketing as it determines the best return on ad spend.

Re-marketing & Audience Building

People’s interests, behaviour and demographic help focus campaigns on existing and potential customers who meet specific criteria. Audience building increases the chance that targeted people see your ads; increasing conversions, improving bids, and reaching curated audiences that are more likely to convert on your website.

Social Media Advertising & Management

Faben offers social media advertising and social media management as a stand-alone service or as part of broader branding and advertising campaigns. We also offers guidance, assistance, training and support to businesses as they gear up to manage their social platforms themselves.