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Faben Digital Is a Hubspot Certified agency

We deliver high value, high impact, results-focused marketing. Measurable, memorable, replicable. Generating real return on investment.

Why choose HubSpot?

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that makes it easier for your entire company to work together – from marketing to sales, and customer services. HubSpot comprises of three hubs that are powerful when used alone, but even better when used together!

At Faben, we have enabled many companies to succeed within HubSpot. As a certified HubSpot partner, we have deep domain knowledge and experience in deploying, optimising and using this platform to accelerate your growth.

Service Offering

  • CRM Audit: If you are already using HubSpot but are in need of additional support with your marketing and/or sales goals, we can provide an extensive audit of your portal and provide you with recommendations to maximise your CRM efforts.
  • CRM Onboarding: Taking the leap with a new CRM platform can be quite daunting, but that is where we step in. We provide in-depth training to ensure you are comfortable using HubSpot, and at the same time learning about all the features and functionalities. 
  • Marketing b2b Lead Generation: Not only do we provide a comprehensive rollout of your b2b lead generation goals, we also assist in rolling this out within your CRM.
  • Sales Enablement and Operations: What are you current business sales processes? We work with you on these processes to increase your ROI, and to implement them within your HubSpot portal.
  • Reporting & Analytics: How do you currently report on your marketing and sales activities? We generate powerful and insightful reports within HubSpot in order to visualise your data, and to ensure you are on track with your KPI’s.

We are a Hubspot certified agency

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